Your business relies on working electricity to continue day-to-day operations. Reliable electrical work is vital for your business to thrive, and we’re here to make that happen. We provide premier commercial electrical services that you can depend on.

Beyond general repairs and light fixture installations, we provide a wide range of specialized services. Contact us for electrical installation services, electrical outlet, and switch relocation, electrical panel repair, fan installation, electrical power restoration, commercial generators, and more. Let us know what electrical work you are looking for, and we will create a detailed plan to complete it.

Commercial electricians typically narrow their work down to commercial buildings. Our team does not have to. The electricians at Lovelady Electrical are knowledgeable and skilled in numerous areas of electric work, including commercial electrical services.

We proudly serve commercial businesses in Alabama. Providing excellent customer care and electrical expertise to every job, big or small.

Commercial Electrical Needs

commercial electrical

In a business environment, lighting can make a difference in the atmosphere, productivity, and electricity use. An upgraded electrical system can revamp and restore power in your workplace. Having the proper resources is the first part of establishing a successful business operation. While you are busy running a business, let us take care of your electrical needs.

Types of Commercial Projects

Lighting Installation: Enhance your business with the right lighting. From start to finish, you can trust our knowledgeable team to provide electrical solutions. A new lighting project opens the door to so many possibilities. Atmosphere, productivity, and energy efficiency can all be strategically used to create the space you are looking for. We can design, plan and install indoor and outdoor lighting for your commercial space.

Fan Installation and Fan Repair: Commercial fans can help maintain a comfortable temperature in your workplace and takes some stress off of your HVAC system. There are many great benefits to installing a fan. Contact us for fan repair and fan installation projects.

New Construction: New construction for your commercial space can be a big endeavor. For such a large and important job, you need technicians who know how to balance time and a budget. Let us help you construct the building that works best for your business and your new electrical needs.

Electrical Inspections: Electrical inspections are an important part of our process. It allows us to assess the situation and create the most effective plan. When you are looking for an installation or a repair, inspections provide a guide for the project.

Generators: At Lovelady Electrical Contractors, we are a certified Generac Dealer. We offer commercial generators and generator services. A commercial generator is ideal for keeping on-site, especially when you rely on power to continue making money.

General Repairs: Maintaining an operational electrical system is vital for business functions and safety. We have the expertise to identify problems or risks and repair them promptly. General electrical repairs cover everything from fans to faulty wiring.

Electrical Panels: Your panel is the center of your system. It generates power to your workspace and keeps everything operating smoothly. If your panel breaks, needs a repair, or is otherwise impaired in any way, your building is going to be affected. It can cause a power outage or fire risks. Keeping your panel in tip-top shape is a major part of commercial electrical services.

Electrical Inspection: Every business is different, but it is recommended that your commercial building be inspected every 1 to 5 years. An annual inspection typically consists of a 20 percent inspection, whereas a 5-year inspection would be a 100 percent inspection. As building types and work vary, ask a licensed electrician how often your electrical work should be inspected.

Commercial electricians require a special skill set beyond that of residential services. They have the ability to provide electrical work on a much larger scale. We understand the differences between commercial and residential electrical work and adjust our approach accordingly. Contact us today for a consultation.