Electricity is a big part of our everyday lives. When we lose power or have an electrical malfunction, it can disrupt our daily activities. If you are struggling with faulty wiring or notice unusual electrical problems, contact us to schedule an inspection. We’ll find the source of the electrical problem and make repairs as soon as possible, so you can return to your usual tasks.

With our wide range of experience, we have likely worked on similar repairs to the problem you have. We tackle the repair constructively to provide high-quality and well-functioning electrical work.

Electrical Repairs are opportunities to make your home a safer place. A repair can prevent fires or present an opportunity to upgrade current work. Electrical repairs can be a safety concern. When it comes to electricity, a small problem can very quickly turn into property damage. If you notice any signs that your electrical work is faulty or damaged, contact us right away. We’ll thoroughly inspect your system to pinpoint any issues and resolve them. Our team of licensed electricians will safely repair any concerns. We understand the severity of the situation and handle it carefully. When you need an electrical repair, call the electricians who treat your home as if it were their own.  

electrical repairs

Common Electrical Repairs

Faulty Wiring: If you are experiencing electrical problems, your home could have faulty wiring. Indicators like sparks, heat radiating from an outlet, and low buzzing sounds coming from your lights could mean you have wiring issues.

Electrical Panel Repairs: Electrical panel upgrades are a great addition to older homes. A new panel offers a more consistent power supply, and it is made to handle the amount of electricity we use today. Replacing or upgrading your panel could solve other electrical problems as well.

Overloaded Circuits: When your circuit reaches the maximum capacity, you could trip your breaker. It’s an added safety measure to protect you and your home. When a tripped breaker cuts the power, it is usually an easy fix to restore it. However, we need to find the root of the overloaded circuit to provide a long-term solution.

Dead Electrical Outlet: Your outlet may not be working due to a tripped fuse or other simple fixes. In some cases, a dead outlet could be an indication of faulty wiring. The safest option is to contact an electrician to inspect the outlet and wiring. We can fix the problem and prevent it from escalating when we catch it early.

Broken Outlets: The areas of your home that carry the greatest electrical risk are your bathrooms and kitchens. These areas typically have GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) outlets that protect them. If these outlets continuously have problems or the reset button pops often, you could have a circuit that needs electrical repair.

Signs of Electrical Problems

  • Sparking
  • Low Buzzing Noises
  • Flickering Lights
  • Dimming Lights
  • Warm Outlets
  • Frayed Wires
  • Bad Odor or Burning Smell

Our Services

  • Electrical Outlet & Switch Relocation
  • Electrical Outlet & Switch Repair
  • Electrical Panel Repair
  • Electrical Panel Replacement or Upgrading
  • Electrical Power Restoration
  • Fan Repair
  • Light Fixture Repair
Electrical Repairs

It is extremely important to hire an electrician that is both licensed and professional. If an untrained individual attempts to service your electrical system, everyone is at risk. You could be liable for any injuries or damage that results from it. Hiring a licensed expert is the safest option.

Lovelady Electrical Contractors is your go-to local contractor providing safe and durable electrical repairs. Your home’s safety and functionality are of utmost importance to us. Our team is well-trained to complete any job. Keep your home in great condition with long-lasting and well-crafted electrical repairs. Contact us today for a consultation.