We are a Proud Certified Generac Dealer

Being a certified dealer provides us the opportunity to serve our clients top-of-line generators and generator installation services.

Generators are powerful assets to have in your home or at the office. They offer reliable electricity to lean on in the face of an outage. It is especially useful to keep a generator on-site for families who require medical devices and companies that need electricity to continue operations.

Lovelady Electrical Contractors are your local electrical professionals. Our services extend to generators from installations to repairs. We have the skill and experience to install and maintain your generators so they are in peak condition when you need them.

Why You Need a Generator

Alabama is no stranger to adverse weather conditions. Strong winds, lightning, and hail are common across the state. With unpredictable hazards, you never know when your power could go out. At that moment, would you rather turn to your generator or be left in prolonged darkness? In those situations, knowing you have the resources to resolve the problem is comforting.  For many, it’s the convenience of being able to restore power instantly, and for others, it is a necessity.

Benefits of a Generator

  • Automatic power when you need it
  • Convenience, comfort, peace of mind
  • Preserves your food
  • Provides electricity if an emergency presents itself
  • Powers your sump pump preventing flooding during a storm
  • Protects and powers your HVAC system

Residential Generator Installation

Lights, refrigerators, HVAC units, TVs, and ovens rely on electricity to provide you with their services. Without power, you have no way to keep your food cold or your home warm. In some instances, you may require a medical device powered by electricity. At a moment’s notice, electricity could go out. Would you be able to continue day-to-day life without those things? With a residential generator, you can supplement that electrical source and keep your home running as normal. Whether you need a generator for medical purposes or comfort, a backup power source will give you peace of mind.

Commercial Generator Installation

Your business relies on smooth electrical operations to support business processes. If you lose electricity, you lose money. Support your business with tools you can rely on, like a commercial generator. We are proud to be a certified Generac Dealer. Your business is in great hands with Lovelady Electrical Contractors. We have the skill, equipment, and Generac generators to provide excellent electrical work and customer service. Set your business up for success. Contact us for commercial generators and generator installation.

Generator Maintenance and Repairs

Generators, whether they are used every day or once a year, require maintenance to sustain their level of performance. If you experience an outage and your system has not been serviced in years, you run the risk of your generator not working. A generator that is not prepared for the moment you need it is not useful. As with all mechanical appliances, operational problems can occur. With maintenance, we’ll inspect your generator and ensure that it is performing up to standards. Preventative maintenance allows technicians to fix any problems or potential problems. Ultimately, catching a generator repair need in the early stages will save you money and prolong its lifespan.

It’s not every day that you require a generator, but in those moments of need having one is everything. Whether you rely on a generator to keep your family calm and comfortable or protect your business, it is valuable. While the generator provides a dependable electrical source, we work hard to ensure that it is properly installed and maintained. A generator is most useful when it is functioning at full capacity. That’s what we are here for! Our technicians handle your generator installation with care, so can turn to it at any time. Contact Lovelady Electrical Contractors to schedule a generator installation.