A successful construction project starts with a great foundation. When we work with a project from the ground up, we build a great electrical base. Starting a construction job with a well-installed electrical system sets the project up for success in other areas. We understand the importance of our job in providing you with sustainable and reliable electricity. Our team does that and more. With Lovelady Electrical, you know your general construction project has new electrical work that will operate successfully for years to come.

Time is an important component of these projects, and we make sure to adhere to your timeline. With a new build, we know there are eager and excited owners awaiting the finished project. We work with the building team to make sure our electrical installation service follows the plan and budget that was agreed upon. Our goal is to execute superb electrical work efficiently, so our clients can enjoy it as soon as possible. From inspection to completion, we are focused on you and providing our best electrical work.  

Electrical Safety

Faulty wiring and installation can lead to fires and serious damage. Licensed electricians understand the extent and seriousness of the situation.

We follow specific processes and carefully execute each step to ensure that you have safe and properly installed electricity.

It is our priority to make sure that people in the building are safe and feel safe. To create a safe space, you should leave electrical work to the professionals.

We are licensed and here to help you with your electrical projects. You can trust us to provide quality work that is done correctly.

New Electrical Installation Includes:

  • Switchboards
  • Lighting
  • Socket Outlets
  • Wiring
  • Fuses
  • Other Associated Equipment

Why Lovelady Electrical Contractors?

Knowledge and experience are crucial in our line of work. To successfully complete a project, an electrician requires a specific skill set focused on installations and troubleshooting. They need to interpret information and apply their expertise to unique situations. New electrical work requires immense precision and attention to detail, as all electrical work does. Our team is well-versed in electrical processes and procedures. We understand that every project is different, and we treat it as such. Plans change, and problems can arise. We adapt to these changes and think on the spot to provide top-notch work.

Steps We Take:

  1. We inspect the layout of the property to determine the best location for outlets, switches, and cable boxes. Then we mark the spots.
  2. We prepare wires by organizing and labeling them to match appropriately to the panel.
  3. We locate the circuit panel and use ground wire installation to create a safe pathway for the wires.
  4. Wires are connected to the proper components on the electrical panel.
  5. Electricity is restored, and the system is tested to ensure it is working properly.

Remodels & Renovations

Electrical rewiring, updates, and installations are important for remodels and renovations. The scope of the construction project will determine our course of work.

We’ll install electrical outlets, install switches, or relocate them if needed.

Although electricity may not be the leading factor in your remodel design, it is important to consider wiring and accessibility as you plan the project.

Consult an electrician along the way. We will inspect your current system to see what can stay and what needs to be relocated.

Key Components to Consider When Remodeling: 

  • Light Switch Relocation
  • Outlet Relocation
  • Generators
  • Outdated Electrical Wiring
  • Outdated Panels

We have the knowledge and experience to provide excellent electrical services when you need them.

New Electrical

Our electricians work hard to complete your new electrical installation as fast as they can while installing excellent work and remaining under budget. Whether you are building a home or renovating one, we are here to help you complete the project.

We value clear communication and carry that into the work we do. You can expect us to keep you updated and in the loop. We’ll communicate the plan of action and any changes along the way. Contact us to schedule an inspection.